Importance of lighting your exhibition stand correctly

Exhibitions are all about showcasing your product and more importantly the ‘Brand’. While with all of your other branding strategies you can afford to be elaborate, exhibitions pose their own challenges in form of space and lighting constrictions among others. Exhibition halls are huge, often with lighting which is not effective all in itself.

On a busy exhibition floor, where there are thousands of other brands, the competition is not only to be seen distinctively, but also to be understood. With the availability of limited space, it is important to make the most of every square meter of space to make a great impact and generate desirable and measurable results. Right lighting in your stall can not only get you more footfall, but also relate with people in a way that they would remember your brand even after the show is over.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind about great lighting effects to illuminate your brand showcasing:

1. Lighting gets the first attention
An exhibition area is spotted with several closely parked stalls and crowd of people swarming around. Amidst the hustle bustle, it is extremely important that you get the attention. With the lighting done right your stall can get the attention of the right crowd from far away and impress them with your showcase once they visit it.

2. Highlight your brand identity
The lighting of your stand speaks out to your audience, hence it is important to focus on what message it is sending out. Ideally, lighting and the other elements in your stand should match perfectly with the branding.

3. Concealment
Light sources and fixtures are highly functional and indispensable, yet should not be visible to the naked eye for the sake of the aesthetics. However, if the mechanics cannot be concealed, it is a wise choice to go with the fixtures which add to the visible design without deflecting too much attention from the other design elements.

4. Lasting impression
Lighting sets the mood of a space, big or small. It lends a texture to your brand story. Glares distract people, hence matte should be the way to go; focus of the light can be redirected to all the surfaces which you want the light to reflect from. You can choose the lighting based on the impression that you want to create upon the target audience.

If you want to know more and to do more with lighting, you can connect with us for the best solutions for illumination. At Wild Planet Event Production, Dubai, we understand that lighting is an art and it has a way of conveying the essence of your products, telling your brand story and enhancing your business. After all lighting greatly influences how people perceive your products and how well they are able to relate to it.

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